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                     Kunak AIR Lite

                                           The Most Accurate Compact Air Quality Station

       The compact and cost-effective Kunak AIR Lite, capable of measuring 2 gases and particulate                   matter simultaneously, is based on the same principles as the Kunak Air Pro solution and uses                 the same smart gas sensor technology. It also offers the possibility to connect probes for wind,               rain, noise to meet all the needs of an air quality project.

       CO   CO  NO   NO2  O3   SO2   H2S   NH3  VOCs   PM1   PM2.5   PM1

       Temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and dew point. 


                                   ♦Application based design

                                   ♦Build-in OLED display

                                   ♦Easy data integration

                                                           ♦Cost effective

                                                           ♦Targeted pollutants

                                                           ♦Full Autonomous


      Dimensions:  200 × 153 × 185 mm

      Operating Temperature: -20 ºC to +60 ºC 

      Operating RH: 0 to 99 %RH

      Battery: Lithium 2.9Ah o 20Ah

      Power consump: 0.08 – 0.55W

     Communications: Multi-Band 2G/3G/4G, Ethernet, Modbus RTU Slave

    Gas Sensors: CO   CO  NO   NO2  O3   SO2   H2S   NH3  VOCs

    PM Sensors: PM1   PM2.5   PM10

    Internal Status: Temperature, battery, charging voltage & current, signal

    Sampling Frequency: 3Hz gases, 1Hz particles 

    Avg. Periods: From 10 sec to a Max of 24 hours 

   Sending Periods: From 5 minutes to a maximum of 24 hours


                                          ♦ Advanced analytics

                                          ♦ Remote calibration

                                          ♦ AQI tools

                                          ♦ Data validation & reporting

                                  ♦ Open API & connectors

                                  ♦ JSON, CSV, TXT, XML, OPC

                                  ♦ Fiware, Sentilo & any other customized

                                  ♦ Communication engine. Installable with DDBB (Various                                        formats)     

The most accurate compact air quality station on the market