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Electromagnetic Field Monitoring

What causes Electromagnetic Field

The most common sources for high electromagnetic fields include proximity to power lines, transformers or appliances, flaws in the internal building’s wiring system and stray currents on utility pipes. It has become a concern due to potential health effects and interference issues with sensitive analytical and research equipment. The higher the voltage, the stronger the field produced. Possible symptoms related to EMF are headache, dizziness, memory loss, loss of concentration, cancer etc.

What we do

EnviPro LLC are able to carry out site surveys to measure EMF conditions and provide guidance in the area. We provide the devices which can be used in specific locations like hospitals, residential areas, schools, railway sectors, industrial areas and are easy to use. The information provided is important for public risk communication, risk management and for future research on potential health risks.

     Instrumentation & Systems Provided: 

  • Continuous Electromagnetic Field Monitoring System
  • Portable EMF Meter
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