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Ambient Air Quality Testing

Air Quality is an issue that has become a growing problem for modern society. It shows the presence of hazardous elements like chemicals, Particulates and harmful material into the atmosphere which could be deleterious for health and environment. Reducing air pollution is a major challenge worldwide. At ENVIPRO, we make sure that elderly, children and people who are prone to respiratory issues have a safe breathing environment.

EnviPro  has always played an active role in raising awareness about environmental issues. We keep a track on quality of air with a view to collect information and improve it.

EnviPro pioneering technologies help private, public and local authorities to meet their air quality challenges and objective.

We provide Real-Time Gas Analyzer for real-time monitoring of  organic and inorganic pollutants according to customer’s needs . Our testing services are designed to meet all your regulatory and testing requirement.


  • Temp- Temperature
  • RH- Relative Humidity
  • HF- Hydrogen Fluoride
  • HCN- Hydrogen Cyanide
  • PM 2.5/PM 10- Particulate Matter 2.5/10 Micron Size
  • TSPM- Total Suspended Particulate Matter
  • TVOC- Total Volatile Organic Compound
  • O3- Ozone
  • CO- Carbon Monoxide
  • SO2- Sulfur Dioxide
  • CO2- Carbon Dioxide
  • NO- Nitric Oxide
  • NH3- Ammonia
  • H2S- Hydrogen Sulfide

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