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Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

An Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for environmental monitoring stations involves the regular upkeep and servicing of the equipment and systems used to monitor various environmental parameters such as air quality, water quality, noise levels, weather conditions, and so on.

An AMC for environmental monitoring stations is essential for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of data collected, as well as compliance with regulatory requirements. It can help to minimize downtime, reduce operational costs, and extend the lifespan of monitoring equipment.

EnviPro LLC offers annual maintenance contracting to secure clients’ satisfaction for the reliability and efficiency of their monitoring stations. We offer to companies who care about improving day to day operations to ensure the quality of their equipment.

Our maintenance service is done by our highly trained service professionals.  They have the experience and knowledge to know if a certain machine is working the way it should.

Annual Maintenance Contracting service provided: 

  • Annual Maintenance & Calibration Contract of Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Systems, Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems, Dust Monitoring Stations, Noise Monitoring Networks, EMF Monitoring Networks and other Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • Annual Maintenance Contract for the Calibration of Environmental Monitoring Systems, Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Systems, Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems and Dust Monitoring Stations
  • Onsite Corrective Maintenance

Qualified, Trained Engineers

Engineers are properly and professionally trained to deliver reliable support & services.

Senior Consultant

Existing team with 15 years of experience in the field of Environment Monitoring & Assessment.

Professional Report

Reports which are reliable and contain accurate & analytical data and information.

Advanced Instruments

Precision instruments combined with the latest technology in every service you require.

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