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Environmental Solution

An Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is a good option, especially for environmental monitoring stations, instruments and equipment that will be in use over an extended period of time. Customers benefit as they help avoid expensive repair bills and unexpected damage costs.


This includes regular checks of the network and availability of spare parts if required. Continuous upgrades/updates are implemented to keep the company compliant. This results in long-term cost savings and access to service experts for even the toughest technical questions. Additionally, once the system is installed and integrated, ongoing preventative maintenance and calibration of monitoring equipment is essential for efficient performance. Proper maintenance also ensures serviceability and operational continuity of the integrated monitoring station, as well as data reliability and accuracy. It also provides security in service for environmental monitoring devices. Provide equipment repair and maintenance services. AMC terms range from one to three years, depending on what the parties have agreed. ENVIPRO offers maintenance contracts to ensure reliable, efficient performance and extended service life of your monitoring station. Our service team strives to ensure that the monitoring tools we provide maintain the highest efficiency standards over the years.

Scope of Supply

  • Annual Maintenance Contract for the Preventive Maintenance of Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Systems, Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems, Dust Monitoring Stations and Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • Annual Maintenance Contract for the Calibration of Environmental Monitoring Systems, Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Systems, Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems and Dust Monitoring Stations
  • Onsite Corrective Maintenance