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Calibration Service

Calibration is a process in which an instrument or piece of equipment’s accuracy is compared with a recognized standard however the calibration process of environmental monitoring equipment is similar to the calibration process for other measuring instruments. Calibration of environmental analyzers is a process that ensures the accuracy and reliability of the data collected from the analyzers. The calibration process for environmental monitoring equipment is essential to ensure that the equipment is providing accurate and reliable measurements. Regular calibration is necessary to maintain the integrity of environmental monitoring data and to meet regulatory requirements.

EnviPro LLC offer high-quality calibration and repair services. The support services we offer are based on sets of local and international standards while following the company’s strict quality management guidelines. Simply return your instrument to us for calibration and enjoy a stress-free service. 

Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians ensure that test and measurement instruments are performing correctly and conform to all manufacturer standards.

Calibration services provided in the GCC & Middle East:

  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Analysers
  • Stack Gas Analysers
  • Noise Monitoring instruments 

Qualified, Trained Engineers

Engineers are properly and professionally trained to deliver reliable support & services.

Senior Consultant

Existing Team with 15 years of experience in the field of Environment Monitoring & Assessment.

Professional Report

Reports which are reliable and contain accurate & analytical data and information.

Advanced Instrumentation

Precision instruments combined with the latest technology in every service you require.

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