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EnviPro believe in lifelong business relations by achieving top quality standards, practicing ethical business practices and offering best-in-class services to our customers. Your satisfaction with the products and services we offer is very important to us. Our products and technologies consistent and reliable performance, greater efficiency, cost reduction, manageability and sustainability.

EnviPro offers the wide range particle counters and environmental monitoring products in addition to end-to-end services including onsite calibration across a range of industries industrial wastewater, oil & gas, power generation, petrochemicals, biochemicals and pharmaceuticals. food, beverages, industrial gases etc.

Industrial Gas

Industrial waste water

Food & Beverages

Power generation

Oil, gas & Petrochemical

Biochemical & Pharmaceutical

We install, integrates, supply, and service critical process equipment for a broad set of industrial markets.

Our regional service and supply combined our nationwide field support, make us the largest independent provider in the area and the best choice for long term support for the entire asset’s life cycle.

Scope of Service:

Our approach to is to satisfy the requirements of the statutory authorities that will collaborate with you on your project to solve the challenges within your exact specification and ensuring that the consented project can be handed over seamlessly to the expertise team specialize in the fields of Environment Monitoring and Industrial Processes Optimization and are familiar with the range of issues which are likely to be critical to project risk and value.

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