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Installation & Commissioning

Installation and commissioning of a monitoring system are critical steps in ensuring that the monitoring system is set up correctly, performs as intended, and meets the client’s requirements. The proper process of installation and commissioning is essential so that the systems and/or products are maximized. 

The installation process includes installation of monitoring system, installation of monitoring system hardware (such as sensors, data loggers), setting up monitoring system parameters and at last verifying that the monitoring system is working correctly by conducting performance tests, such as accuracy checks, data transmission tests, and alarm tests.

Once the installation process is complete, the commissioning process begins. This involves validating that the monitoring system meets the specified performance criteria and is ready to operate. 

EnviPro LLC provides onsite installation and commissioning of different monitoring stations, networks and systems. This service is provided by well-trained professional to ensure that the system is working according to its specifications. We include calibrations and final checks to guarantee that these installations pass our quality and regulatory standards.

Installation & Commissioning services provided:

  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations (Fixed Shelters, Mobile Trailer, Compact Portable Station, Mobile Van, and others)
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems
  • Noise Monitoring Terminal & Network
  • Odor Monitoring Station
  • Electromagnetic Field Continuous Monitoring Station & Network

Senior Consultant

Existing Team with 15 years of experience in the field of Environment Monitoring & Assessment.


Qualified, Trained Engineers

Engineers are properly and professionally trained to deliver reliable support & services.

Professional Report

Reports which are reliable and contain accurate & analytical data and information.

Advanced Instrumentation

Precision instruments combined with the latest technology in every service you require.

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