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Environmental Solution

Installation and commissioning are critical to achieving the specified operational performance, safety and efficiency of your surveillance equipment or station. Provide customers with high-quality, reliable installation services with minimal disruption to business operations.


This is to ensure that the system works as expected and that the system is functioning to its full potential. Location, turnkey system, application, ease of maintenance and, more importantly, monitoring system compliance and operational continuity reporting are taken into account. This is a process to ensure that educational institutions uphold standards and responsibilities towards their communities and the environment. With years of relevant experience, Enviropak offers risk-rated operation in compliance with health and safety regulations. Perform health inspections for system readiness to ensure an efficient and speedy installation process.
The on-site installation and commissioning process is performed by highly skilled service technicians. These include final checks to ensure successful installation and commissioning of the various systems.

Scope of Supply

  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations (Fixed Shelter, Mobile Trailer, Compact Portable Station, Mobile Van, and others) and fully integrated, connected AAQM Network
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems
  • Noise Monitoring Network
  • Odor Monitoring Station & Networks
  • Electromagnetic Field Continuous Monitoring Stations & Network