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Noise Testing

Environmental noise is a major issue in most countries, especially in heavily populated or industrialised areas. Its sources and adverse effects on our wellbeing are varied and can range from sleep disturbances to increased stress levels, potentially leading to more major problems such as heart disease. In order for environmental noise monitoring to be effective you will, therefore, need to take into account a number of diverse issues by monitoring noise levels for longer periods and in a variety of different ways.

EnviPro LLC conducts Noise Testing and vibration monitoring services to our clients on construction projects, industrial sites, entertainment venues and more.

We hire long-term, automated noise, vibration and dust monitoring stations that work remotely and also offer complete attended noise, dust or vibration monitoring services if you need it.

EnviPro offers environmental noise testing monitoring system having flexibility and accurate, reliable information to measure and document the operational noise levels of drilling rigs, demolition sites, hydraulic fracturing, compressor station, pump stations, generators, construction projects and other noise emitting activities.


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