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Odor Testing

Odor is a mixture of gases in the air that we can smell. Odors can include pleasant scents and unpleasant smells. Human activities, like landfills and industry, cause most odors. Even a weak smell can be irritating and cause complaints. Because odor is naturally a very subjective parameter, it is important to have a tool to quantify it. When measuring odor, we monitor it and are able to control the source.

EnviPro LLC assist you in odor testing to meet emission regulation for your business and community requirement by using a wide array of sampling and analytical methods.

Our goal is to provide you the data to differentiate odor sources and understand the impact they have on the local environment.

We provide environmental odor assessment services that comply with international standards.


The most common cause of odors are VOC’s. However, not all VOCs have a distinctive odor, methane, for example, it is odorless. So the classes of compounds which typically have an odor are: 

  • Sulfur Compounds
  • Oxygenated Compounds
  • Volatile Fatty Acids
  • Carboxylic Acids
  • Nitrogen Compounds (like Ammonia, Amines)

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